“If you don’t like my content,then you are not my audience.”

Hi all!

I hope this message finds you in your light and your state of darkness.

I want to welcome you all to my blog !

Natural Love is representative of my journey I have been on with loving and finding my self. One of my goals for my journey is to love my self seriously. Like when I say, “I ain’t playing no games??”, I AIN’T PLAYING AROUND! 🙂 It means no mediocre display of me loving my self will do nor will it be accepted. It means  developing a  love that is naturally grown from my soul. Do y’all feel me?

I am ecstatic you are here with me on my journey of self love.It has taken me alot to put myself and my light out into the world, but I believe in my light and feel as though this blog could really help someone in need.

For those who do not know me, my name is Caitlin and I am now a second year student studying at the illustrious Spelman College in Atlanta,GA! I am currently studying Psychology with a concentration in Mental Health.

And if you know me well enough you know that education is my true passion. My vision for this blog is to be able to uplift and even help evaluate the minds of my peers, friends, family, and even strangers. I have created this blog because life is sooo hard out here for a pimp


(like oppression is very real and we got this stanky ass, sexist ass, racist ass, white animal for a President).

Its hard in the aspect of self love. At times we ALL are guilty of not giving love to the person that truly deserves it, which is ourselves. I pray that the love that I have for myself and God reaches you all when you need it the most. Life is hard enough we all must remember to not make our lives even harder because of anxiety about day-t0-day life worries and woes.

I hope to provide you all with the peace many of us who are out here seeking it.

Seek Well.

Much Love,



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