Are you an angry black woman?

My ladies we have all heard or even have been called an, “angry black” woman or even a in my case, a crazy black woman. And I going to be 100 with y’all I’m tired of the bullshit!

“Society continues to portray black women as angry when we show emotion and it prevents from being seem as vulnerable”-

Let me start off by saying, people in this world will label you, claim they know everything about you, and try to devalue you and your being. SIS  don’t let them. FUCK THEIR STEREOTYPE of us. 😀

Also people will hate on you even when all you give out is love. Just think about it people hated Jesus and all he wanted to was spread his message and love. Furthermore, think about the First Lady, Michelle Obama, the media wants to sell you the facade of her being an angry black woman so that  all her accomplishments can be forgotten and devalued. Mrs.Obama has  done everything with grace and style since graduating from Whitney Young HS. (shout out to all my dolphins!)

But lets get on to what I really wanna talk about :).

In our society is difficult to be a woman, it is more difficult to be a black woman in America. Word to Solange. As I have learned attending the top H.B.C.U and being placed into a environment where you are engulfed by black excellence you become knowledgeable of the ways in which dominant culture, … shit I’m not in class anymore so WHITE people oppress our race by first ignoring the simple facts of black people being human and having valid and complex emotions to furthermore “advance” themselves within society.

So when someone says, “Oh you are just an angry black woman”. I say a version of the following two things (depending on how I feel sis) :

  1. fuck you and #kissmyblackass
  2. your ignorance of my people will not impact how I feel about my self nor my race.

Like a part of my journey has been led my the rule of not allowing for myself to slander myself and not allowing nor giving others the permission to slander me.

Ladies and my Men out there you must protect yourself  away from negative energy its is very potent and can make any one self destruct.

You also must love yourself. I know what you thinking like dawg you saying it like its easy! Hun I know it ain’t easy, but trust me when I say all good things that are actually of value take time to CULTIVATE. So when you are focusing on you and doing you be un-apologetic cause you deserve to embrace, find, and love you!

Much Love,



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