“Paranoia” Black Lives Matter in Chicago

school assignment 3

Black Live Matter in Atlanta

In my home town, Chicago,IL to this very month and year of October 2016 there has been a total of 619 homicidesa total of people that have been, “shot& killed” are 553 people, a total of 3013 people have been shot& wounded.

This political year, Chicago, the infamous town has become a buzz word that is synonymousfor violence and death amongstthe African American community, according to 2016 Presidential Campagain runner, Donald Trump, whom now has been elected for President.

In the 1st Presdiental Election Debate when asked how he would the two presidential Candidates deal with violence, Trump was quick to bring up the violence that occurs in Chicago.

It is here that I would like to tie in Chance’s song, “Paranoia”, where he speaks about the paranoia of having to be fearful of dying, of being murdered; of having dreams that people wearing shirts that bear your name…

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