pt 2: Can you live “Forever” in Chicago?

school assignment 4

Black Live Matter in Atlanta

Noname, a Chicagoan artist, that I written about a few weeks prior where I introduced you all to her album, “Telefone”. Noname has a additional track on her album, besides, ” Cakset Pretty”. The track is entitled, “Forever”.

She speaks once again on the violence and the life expectancy of a human being; she states life expectancy is shortened as she sings “A bullet on my time, my time”. The idea that one will not know when they die but will know how, by a gun, by a bullets that ends life. In a lyrical verse by Noname she pays tribute to one to whose life has been taken from him.

Noname also pays tribute to the iconic event that led to the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement, the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Noname sings, ” I sold my name for seven bags of skittles

On Sunny Set…

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