Are You Settling? Feeling Anxious?


First, breath in sis, then breath out.

Now lets, begin.

At this moment in my life I am at the point where I have begun accepting my light, my talents, and loving myself un-apologetically. As a result I been losing and gaining quite a few friends. Sometimes I am strong and stand firm when faced with opposition.

However, my anxiety levels are at all time high. 😦 It’s midterm week a.k.a Midterm Madness week and this past Friday, I was doing well, and balancing my school and life schedule until it came time to spend time with my family.

And I didn’t say NO. I didn’t set my boundaries for them and caved and spent my weekend with them. So when Sunday afternoon/night rolls around and I have returned back to my campus and I’m chilling in my bed living  a stress free life until I feel a tug and slight pull near my chest and I know what it is. My ANXIETY reaches it’s apex and spikes as I remembered I have a huge quiz the next following day  at a 1 O’clock class. My chest began to lock up. Sis, and before you ask yes I was doing my breathing techniques it wasnot working. 😦

Up until now I felt like I have been managing my anxiety and stress levels very well with yoga, talk therapy ,and positive affirmations.


Everyone knows that issues such as anxiety and depression are not cured and are always in movement and can and will depend on your mood of the day.

As i currently try to manage this little breakdown of mine, I am analyzing my triggers that set off this breakdown:

  1. Not trusting myself and my opinions.
  2. Not standing firm in my opinion and my actions with family and close friends.
  3. Not breathing
  4. Procrastination
  5. Trying to plan an event with unorganized people who have a champagne taste but are on a beer bottle budget. 😦
  6. Wasting energy onto those who will not replenish mine when I have become depleted.

Some keys:

  1. listen to soothing music that takes you away from your physical environment.
  2. talk to someone you can trust
  3. get a snack and take a break
  5. write out what you need to get done.
  6. repeat #1
  7. talk with a friend.

Sending much love your way,



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