seasons change and so do your friends.

Have you ever heard of the saying, some people are in your life for (a) season and some are in your life for a reason(s)?

Well if not then you just did! 🙂

I have no idea what springtime and  summertime does to people. Around this time of year I have always have people in my life (for a lack of better words) will show they ass when spring hits. It’s like as if the sun coming out and the flowers and plants coming back to life after winter give these people a new attitude or better yet reveal the attitude they had held all along.

Currently in my life I am working hard for all the things I have prayed, and already my blessings are coming down (word to Chancelor 🙂 )

I have begun doing things that I could only dream and I’m more accepting of my light and what God has in store for me. But since I have accepted my light- (my personality, accepting who I am and knowing there is no one like me), my attitude these days are like, I’M BOSS ASS BITCH ya dig?4236fb1703830061991f1b608cc5b5f7

And unknowingly to me my closest friends and haters (they really just fans but just mad), have taken mental notes of my change. (Remember y’all even when you think no one is watching you they are. So be you and be great). I wanted to try to describe to you guys how I realized people began switching up on me because I am about to glo.

I knew something was wrong when our communication decreased, they began avoiding to avoid facing confrontation (if you know me  then you know I’m a talker, I am working on ways to better my communication skills with other humans. So if there is a problem then we have to talk about it.) I am also working on my communication skills because having been in college the passive  environment here in the AUC is so real.

People will have issues with you and won’t talk to you face to face, but they will talk to twitter and/ or snapchat. LIKE GOODBYEEEE

but anyways…. I had been really down and out (sad) about having to lose these friends and give up on connections and moments I have created for these people because all of sudden they have become jealous? or better yet envious of the fact I’m chasing my dreams and they ain’t.

I mentally struggled with myself and even  entertained the thought of me no longer pursuing my dreams , (because evidently me pursuing my dreams would cost me our friendship and or relationship.)

I took mental notes on how me following my dreams made them become unhappy with themselves because they  are then forced to reflect on what I’m doing IN MY life and what they ain’t doing in theirs!) 

BUT then I said fuck it, this is my life, these are my dreams, if you don’t want to support me , if you don’t want to love me  and act like a friend should THEN PEACEEEEE like Pam said from Martin the T.V  show.DancingPam

Cause your real friends and homies gon support you regardless of what it is ( please note that they will support you with discretion too  just as long as you are going in the right direction of course) Cause your real friends will let you know when you messing up and when you have strayed far away from your path.

I also listened to this video by @Jstlivinbby and she spoke about friends starting to change and act up when you start pursuing your dreams and she said :

“…not everybody ready to accept your blessing…they act like they all down…..but what they do? (start) hating.. They wanted  you to be always dependent on them.They wanted you to be down and out… Don’t share your next move, your best move,what your right hand doing. DON’T SHARE THAT WITH EVERYBODY …



Here is the link for the video y’all HAVE to listen to this it’s less than a minute too! @

So I have accepted that these people no longer want to be in my life. So I will not keep they ass. I’m NOT begging no body to be my friend .  Knowing me is  a blessing shidd. Get you some self love and know you worth cause then you know what you will and will not put up with in your relationships ;rather it be boyfriend and boyfriend girlfriend and girlfriend, friends, and girlfriend and boyfriend. see that’s not pride talking that the love I have for myself talking.

( I WISH EVERYBODY  HAD THIS SAME MINDSET). (But everybody is different and I understand this.)

Having this mindset will allow you to have similar thoughts as  I do —> Cause when a person’s reason for being in your life is  over and done and their season is up, you will grow as a person from the experiences and moments you have cultivated from that relationship.

This is important to understand here because a lot of people hang onto people and relationships they they have out grown and are not feeding them so that they can grow into a better person. I also write about holding onto relationships they are not necessarily toxic but relationships that need to  be ended because neither one of y’all are growing nor helping one another in the relationship.

 To the people who are walking out of my life: Even when you try to apply dirt and pressure on me I’m still gone shine and develop into a diamond. Cause the most pressure creates the best diamond. Stay blessed!


Love yall!

spreading love and peace




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