Are you feeling the heat…. the pressure?

Have you ever heard the saying of pressure makes the best diamonds?

I have grown a new appreciation as well as a new understanding of the phrase.

Many of my few close friends know that my life has been basically a life full of unfortunate events mixed together with some laughs, some persistence, some tears, family dinners, and lots of prayer.

My life before college was not all rainbows and sunshine. (Just like you guys and yours lives have not been “ideal”/ “perfect”.

I want to place a focus lens on my how I interact with other people outside of family/ relationships. In my life I have had and unfortunately still have a few people who have promised me that they would be there for me but never showed up or if they did show up they did  not stay to help me with the battle.

So because I have had “friends” and even people who are and those who I have considered to be,”family” have crossed me by lying to me and/or  not being there to support me. Going forward I have learned to not depend on anyone and to only rely on myself.

(Now this may be good for you, but since we are talking about me, THIS AINT GOOD FOR ME)

Because I developed the “Miss Independent”, “she got her own and don’t need a man”, type of mentality.


I avoid getting close to people that I know I would have the potential of becoming emotionally attached to them.

I have the mentality of if my dearest and closest family and friends can hurt and lie to me then why would I give a total stranger a chance to do the same thing to me? 😦

(I have been trying to break this nasty habit by trusting myself more)

BUT LET ME GET BACK ON TOPIC. So above is the type of pressure that is currently creating my future experiences and bridges; since this pressure is creating future experiences it  is molding me into the person that can battle the present and future war.

(share with me your pressures that are molding you into the person you are today and who you will become)

Much love,



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