Are you an angry black woman?

natural LOVE

My ladies we have all heard or even have been called an, “angry black” woman or even a in my case, a crazy black woman. And I going to be 100 with y’all I’m tired of the bullshit!

“Society continues to portray black women as angry when we show emotion and it prevents from being seem as vulnerable”-

Let me start off by saying, people in this world will label you, claim they know everything about you, and try to devalue you and your being. SIS  don’t let them. FUCK THEIR STEREOTYPE of us. 😀

Also people will hate on you even when all you give out is love. Just think about it people hated Jesus and all he wanted to was spread his message and love. Furthermore, think about the First Lady, Michelle Obama, the media wants to sell you the facade of her being an angry black…

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