Are You Settling? Feeling Anxious?

natural LOVE

First, breath in sis, then breath out.

Now lets, begin.

At this moment in my life I am at the point where I have begun accepting my light, my talents, and loving myself un-apologetically. As a result I been losing and gaining quite a few friends. Sometimes I am strong and stand firm when faced with opposition.

However, my anxiety levels are at all time high. 😦 It’s midterm week a.k.a Midterm Madness week and this past Friday, I was doing well, and balancing my school and life schedule until it came time to spend time with my family.

And I didn’t say NO. I didn’t set my boundaries for them and caved and spent my weekend with them. So when Sunday afternoon/night rolls around and I have returned back to my campus and I’m chilling in my bed living  a stress free life until I feel a tug and…

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