Yikes: Battling with addiction

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word?

SN:(tell me below I love comments guys!)

For me when I hear it I think of the most obvious form of an addiction, addiction to drugs like crack, weed, heroine etc. But I want to talk about the most opaque form of addiction.

Having an addiction to people like friends, lovers, and, best friends.

*disclaimer: I am by no means a pro nor expert on relationships, the following are things I have observed and experienced that I will like to share with you all peace and love y’all*

Take for instance in a relationship, many people unknowingly develop a natural but unhealthy( will explain later) dependency on this person or persons. I have watched a family member of mine have a three-year and counting relationship with her boyfriend, there is nothing these two haven’t…

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