🎬 “The Skin I’m In”

A documentary by CAU 2020 student, Trejhaun Dueberry featuring myself and some other lovely ladies of Clark Atlanta University!

So what is the documentary all about?

This project is about:

  • “black girls as it pertains to self love, confidence, and self esteem.”
  • “your blackness when you were juxtaposed to now.”
  • the relationship, “between black women on the upliftment and competition side of things. “
  • The defintion of what being a black woman meant to us and how it made us feel indivdiually.
  • experiences and even issues with  have faced because our complextion.
  • We mention any biases we have.

I hold the bias that a large amount of black men donot support black women. Nor do they respect black women.

Like I mention how in our day in age black women struggle to have the support from many black men and how because we don’t have their support to the world this lack of support from them translates to a lack of respect for the black women.

  • In short, “The Skin I’m In”, is a short film about the growth of a small group black women, ( women that are within the Atlanta University Center, from insitutions such as Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University). And how over time how we, as being women and being black, have coped and learned while being on our own paths that lead to the road of self love.


“An inside look into the minds, remembrances, and inner thoughts of young Black women on the topics of their childhood, self esteem, their journey to self love, and coming to terms with the skin they are in”

If you didn’t make it to the showing at Clark Atlanta University  I have attatched a YouTube below for the documentary

The documentary placed in the top 16 out of 127 other the films!!!! 

It’s about 5 mins short. See it below :).


Sending much love and hope you all are well.

-Caitlin 💗





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