letting the toxins within your life go.

Hi my lovelies as promised I am back.

What I am going to talk about today is not what I had intended to talk about with you all. I had an event come up and I didn’t want to miss a chance to talk with y’all while living in the moment.

Even though you will probably not read this because you are too focused on your anger that you have for me I want to say the following directly to you:

Good bye friend,

You taught me the valuable lesson to never allow anyone to play even though you TRIED to play me, in the end, our relationship.

Like I told you in my goodbye speech we really did have a good run and I appreciate you and our relationship we had a lot of good times. Thank you.

This a part 2 to “seasons change and so do your friends” post.

April 9th 2:15 AM

Less than an hour ago  I liberated myself away from someone who was dead weight towards my life and my progress of self-love.

It weird to say this but I knew me and this person were bound to no longer be friends.

  • I knew because for the past few months  I have been practicing on being present and living in the moment.
  • I knew when they wouldn’t support me like a friend should.
  • I knew when they wanted me to beg or even merely ask them for their support, that they were not my friend.
  • I knew I was over you when being around you began to feel like being in a prison.
  • I knew when I stopped vibin with you because something didnt feel right about you anymore, because YOU had changed.And my allergies began to flare up 😦FullSizeRender (4)
  • I knew when I made this here blog that was a dream a few months ago into a reality that there would be people that would not support me because they knew my potential and the extent to how successful I could be and think because they would not support me that I would decrease in my efforts to make my dreams into reality or even just give up on my dreams and myself.


But y’all…..

I love myself more than I love anyone else. The only person I love more than myself is God.

Now I know  some haters out there who just read the message above like, ‘she really think she is all-of-that?’ To answer your question yes, yes I do. Cause if I don’t love me then who will?

  • Don’t be upset with me because I love myself. Im trying to get you all to get at the stage and point that I am in my life. I know I am enough. I am content with myself. What other people say about me doesn’t affect me.
  • Don’t be upset because I will not allow your toxins to posion me and my mindset just so you can see me fail and we be back on the same level.

I have outgrown you. I am not regretful for letting you go. The only regret  I have is that I did not let you go sooner and quicker.


FullSizeRender (2)-Manlanda



People will be upset with you when you begin progressing in your life.While you are being serious about yourself and life and progressing; They are being stagnant.


I apologize to anyone who took my actions of me just trying to love MY self for ME as a threat to them and how I feel about them. I apologize because I feel sorry that you have the mindset that my life is supposed to revolve around anyone that is not God or myself.

Just because I become more in tune with myself and I disconnect with others at times and days so I can reconnect with myself that this action makes you become irate. Like just take a second and look at this and think about this. People in your life (that do not need to be in your life )

I know there are some people out there that still have seasonal friends even after the season has changed. I want you to listen to me. I wasted an extra month or so on my friend thinking things would change and they would become consistent and become a better friend. But,


Never stay with a person  (in I mean the word stay in regards to being connected with people in relationships, friendships meaning they could be your friend(s), best friend(s), family member(s) too!) for their amount of potential they have because who is to say if that person will ever reach their true potential?   

In short …


Pain makes people change. Experiences make people change, not you.

You have to let people be and do themselves cause the only person you can change is yourself.


My true friends and my twin sister know me well enough to know that I love to communicate and I am a serious talker 🙂 In my life me being so open and sometimes too trusting when it comes to people. 😦 But it’s okay because I am learning and I will get better with knowing who to trust and not trust.This is an important lesson of:

This is an important lesson of:


I didn’t protect my privacy so it is evident in this message she sent me that she did not respect the confidentiality that I held with her when we would speak with one another and our issues we were facing.



Focus on the important of this message when she says, ” I and other people”.

The other stuff when she is saying how she didn’t allow what other people said about me affect her… that is what a friend is supposed to do. Protect you. I will not thank her for doing what she is supposed to have been doing while in our friendship. That action gets no cookie from me.)

Be a real friend and protect my name even when I am not around and do not hear about people trashing my name.

That right there let me know that she had been communicating with others about an issue that she had with me but instead of being an adult she acted like a child and ran her mouth about things I can only imagine that I have told her in the seasons we have maintained our friendship in.


This is a process… every day I am learning… my ex-friend could not understand this and my journey.

Yes, I am finding myself and loving myself. And in this process, if I don’t desire a certain person around me I have ever right to, “shut people out”.


The people that I out shut out did not deserve to see me grow and their presence was toxic to my growth, just like you.

It’s okay that she could not understand my journey because my journey is not for her but it is for me. My journey is for me to understand only.


Yes, I preach about finding MYself and you should too about YOURself. I hope one day you dig deep and start loving yourself and then you can finally understand how I feel and why I had to end our friendship for the betterment of me.

She, unfortunately, made the assumption that because we were friends and that I once upon a time valued her input that she could disrespect me.WRONG

I have said this once and I will say it again.

I will not allow anyone to treat myself any lesser nor different than how I treat myself/want to be treated.

If you disrespect me than you are automatically dead to me. The most important thing besides honesty I build my relationships off of is respect. If we don’t have respect for one another than we have nothing at all.

And how my journey to self love and loving myself in my purest form is a process in which sometimes and days I will crawl.. some days I will walk … and some days I will run.

Regardless of the amount of success I encounter with my journey… I am still successful because I am not stagnant and I am progressing every day. So I am proud of myself!

It’s okay to feel a  level of uncertainty and uncomfortable you are human and young and have your whole entire life  to become a master it.

FullSizeRender (5)



I hope someone where in the world this post helps someone who is struggling to give up that friend or those friends that are stopping their growth.

Make the leap of faith and make that sacrifice to choose yourself over them. You are more important than them. But yourself first. You should be your first priority not them.


Good luck trying to find someone like me, cause the gag is.. you won’t. There nobody in this world that is like me and that is why I love me 🙂

I want to thank God for giving me the signs to finally end this toxic and draining relationship. I am forever grateful and I am already happy with this new change. It was much needed. Thank you.




I’m sending love, prayer, patience, and some hugs

to any of y’all out there that need it.


Much Love

As always,




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