a love letter to my life line

April 28th.

I want to share yall a letter I wrote to my twin sister, Alexis. My regular blog post will be back tomorrow, but I want to share this special gift with you all.

This past Friday, April 28th Alexis and I celebrated yet another birthday together and I couldn't feel anymore bless knowing God keeps blessing my best friend and me.

I wrote this letter to you and I am sharing it because you deserve your shine

you deserve for others to see how great you are

you deserve to have the world and our onlookers to see how you shine so bright.IMG_1259

Dear Alexis,

If you knew I was writing this you would try to stop me.

You know I am overly emotional when it comes to you

I sit here and watch you scroll on your phone  as it is April 27th, the day before our birthday

You have no idea how much I love you.

You are the physical form of what my love looks like

You are so beautiful

You are so graceful

I have never met someone who is so kind even though this world has been so cruel to both of us.

You still make room  for love

for happiness

and even for hope when the world tells you should be hopeless and should give up

But you being you, you never quit, you never cry, you never complain.

You are my anchor.

You provide me with a level of strength that is unmatched.

Your spirit revives me it brings me back alive in places where I believed I could not even grow in.

When I gave up you pushed me picked me up and believed in me.

You held me down and you have never let me go.

And for that, I will never let you fall.

I vow to never let you fall

to never let you slip or slip up

I vow that I will always love you

I vow to always remind you what you mean to me.

I vow to never allow you to forget your worth to me.

I will always love you.

my love for you unconditional. I can't wait for us to take trips. I'm excited to be with you. Your growth… your progress is amazing to me. To see you fall and always pick yourself up always motivates me to be better.

to be more

to love more

to experience more

to just be.to be present.

I want you know you are my world. I don't know where my life would be if it would not be for you. 

I think I would have made my many attempts of ending my life acutally successful. I thank you and our family for always reminding me you guys love me and tell me that y'all lives would be totally different if I hadn't chose to exist.

I don't believe I would even be living if it weren't for you. I want to thank you for always loving me

I want to thank you for showing what love should be like. A love like ours is unconditional. It is supportive. It is respectful. It is progressive. It is whole and it is genuine.

Thank you for existing.Thank you for always pushing through. Thank you mom and dad for believing in us and always pushing us to do more and be more. Thank you for creating us and thank you for loving us always, no matter what condition her and I may be in.


To Alexis: I think ma and pops knew what they were doing when they named me, pure… when they named Caitlin. I love you with my whole entire being and I pray every day that you will never forget this.

I love you always,

your twin sister


I m so happy that God blessed me with you . As we end our first year in college together I am so happy to finish it with the one I started it all with it. I can't wait till we are wealthy and our current and past hardships are nothing but a figment of our imagination. I love you always. I am so proud of you as always.IMG_1133

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