not diming your light just so someone else can shine



I just finished having probably one of the best conversations I have had with my sister in a while. We are currently in Boston at our internship, and we are just sitting down and back and reflecting on our lives, the hardships we have faced and face currently talked about not diming your light for others, so that they may shine.

I think this concept is one that is extremely vital in one’s journey of self-love and self-discovery.

The idea that you have gained and grown so much that you love yourself despite what people may say about you and or believe about you. This idea reminds me of the blog post I published a few months back entitled: letting the toxins within your life go. (Go check this out if you have not yet! I promise you it is an amazing read!)

In this blog post, I talked about success and how when we begin working towards making our dreams our realities we will have people in our lives who really don’t support us nor love us like they should.


I want to take the time out here to answer a question I got regarding intentions and how do can you know that a person or persons in your life are not right for you?

  1. Check their intentions.
  2. Check for truth.image
  3. Check to see if they will support you like they said that they would. Words sound nice but REAL action behind the words are better.
  4. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts.

LIVE your life for you and no one else cause trust me you will regret it.


This includes time, energy, support, love anything and everything you can give to someone else.


I want to share a lil story

You know the saying:

“in order for you to find yourself you have to lose your self.”

I didn’t even know that I was losing my self … until I was realized that I had become content with the idea of settling, of allowing my circumstances to create my future and present.

When I spoke about my most recent about a heartbreak I faced  in the blog post and how I realized that I am no longer scared to love BUT I am scared to live… I real

I know what you are thinking wtf she talking about… I allowed my anxiety from my mid-teenage years to now to control… to dedicate what I do .. what I say and how I act, how I lived my life. I knew I was losing myself when I had become in love with the idea of falling in love to feel complete. In my mind, I was content with allowing someone do the same work I had to do for myself by allowing them to try and do it instead.  But I was too much and I had too much baggage… that’s my reality, I don’t do relationships because I am not able to allow my self to accept the love I so rightfully deserve.

….and that’s the truth.. this is the real shit that no one wants to hear.



Everyday ….


So I  have chosen to live for me. I decided to love me even when it does not come naturally. I promised my self I wouldnot, “half-ass my self”, meaning I will devote the same energy, time, patience and love that I give freely to others to myself.

I have promised my self that I will practice loving me for me. Cause let it be clearly stated that loving your self is a process that does not occur overnight. It is one that takes time and diligence. I constantly have to remind myself of the light I have within me.


In order to heal with must uncover our scars. Although they are ugly, they are what shape us into the people we are today. And Y’all know I believe in self love.. or else this … ‘onlynaturallove’ would not even exist.

I loved myself enough to make this dream into my reality. I trusted myself and accepted my light regardless how many people told me no one would support this, that this blog would get no views, and that I wouldn’t do numbers. Despite the shade I received I still trusted myself. Cause I knew if no one supported me that I supported me and that’s all that truly matters.






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