You can’t compete where you do not compare.





I think it’s really hard to not compare yourself to others  when social media makes it so easy make it feel like you are competing  with your peers, friends, etc.



JaeltheGreat said:

““Don’t compete with one another. Sharpen one another.”


I’m not your competition. I’m not your rival understand this. -Caitlin

I will believe being at the number 1 Historically Black College for the last 7 years in a row it makes you feel like you aren’t doing enough, you are not involved  in the extracurricular activities like you should be. It just feels like you need to be doing more all the time.

Much love to Eva,

Jael also said that, “Confidence will get you through anything in life.
You being confident in yourself allows you to move forward in your life.”

And that’s real I can see that in my own life as I watched one of very good friends,Erin get accepted into Senior Seminar Research program (which is really selective) and got inducted into Psi Chi (Psychology Honor Society) within the span of what felt like JUST 1 week. I have came to the conclusion that it was all possible because of her sacrifice, determination, will, a great support system,and HER MINDSET.


She was confident in her abilities. And I admire my good friend for this quality.She understands that for success to occur one must make sacrifices. But please understand it was not easy, but she did it, because she knew she could. I love her so much for that.



I believe the following things are important for me to say:

  • I know it’s hard but we all must work hard for the things we want in our lives. Something that is of value doesn’t get obtained without effort and sacrifice.


  • You can never take a break from yourself. You cannot get away from yourself. So you might as well love yourself.



You must work in your gift work through your purpose.

JaeltheGreat  also said, :

“You are perfect for your purpose.” Find your purpose. Ask your self what makes you happy? What waters your soul?

  • don’t ever dim your light for anyone. To those who cannot handle your light then oh well..
  • If people start hating on you just understand that is just apart of the process to you leveling up.

“Whole people heal people.” Broken people break others down.”

“Don’t focus on the negative. Only accept the words that have came to water you!”


Understand that in order for elevation to occur separation must occur first!

You are doing something right hunny when they start hating on you. Tell dem haters you said thank you ;).

I speak alto  on having to let go of friends and people of love so that I may  be able to elevate myself.

I recommend to read the following  posts to read:

  1. not diming your light just so someone else can shine
  2. letting the toxins within your life go.
  3. Bruised, not broken. 
  4. no more allowing people to take their plate and leaving.
  5. seasons change and so do your friends.

Think about it like think  this:

Imagine you having to run up 4 flights of stairs and you have all these bags you are carrying with you. The baggage you are carrying begins to impede on your success of running when you have reached the 2nd flight of stairs out of the 4.

You must let that baggage go.What ever weighs you down. What ever does not water your growth. Whatever that does not feed you. drop it.

Word to Ms.Eyrkah Badu… side note I’m putting it in the universe that you will receive this and receive this love ❤

Much love to:

Like a house that is built with a bad and unstable foundation we must:

What ever makes you feel drained. What ever that makes you unstable. drop it. destroy it.

Like if you address an issue you have found to be problematic in ANY of your relationships and that person is unwilling to make a decision to change. Then you must make the decision to change. Cause you cannot change others, you can only change yourself.


God gave you your light.Walk in your light with purpose. Walk with your purpose. Live for yourself. Be yourself.

Make it a habitual then as you get use to it make it a intentional action to love yourself.

When you do this, things becomes easier with time.


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a lover of self and God. a God fearing young and black woman.💗

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