🎬 “The Skin I’m In”

A documentary by CAU 2020 student, Trejhaun Dueberry featuring myself and some other lovely ladies of Clark Atlanta University!So what is the documentary all about?This project is about:"black girls as it pertains to self love, confidence, and self esteem.""your blackness when you were juxtaposed to now."the relationship, "between black women on the upliftment and competition … Continue reading 🎬 “The Skin I’m In”

BLACK representation in the media✨ Why is it important? 

Being born in the late 90's, I watched on the television how black people were shown in positive light in t.v shows, movies, and even in the music industry. The effect of so many black people displayed on the t.v screens empowered a generation to dream of their own future and possibilities! Just to give … Continue reading BLACK representation in the media✨ Why is it important?