seasons change and so do your friends.

natural LOVE

Have you ever heard of the saying, some people are in your life for (a) season and some are in your life for a reason(s)?

Well if not then you just did! 🙂

I have no idea what springtime and summertime does to people. Around this time of year I have always have people in my life (for a lack of better words) will show they ass when spring hits. It’s like as if the sun coming out and the flowers and plants coming back to life after winter give these people a new attitude or better yet reveal the attitude they had held all along.

Currently in my life I am working hard for all the things I have prayed, and already my blessings are coming down (word to Chancelor 🙂 )

I have begun doing things that I could only dream and I’m more accepting of my light…

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