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Your testimonies hold more value to me then the value of money. I am truly humbled by all your support.  If you want to leave me a comment click on my contact page.

Here are some testimonials from some readers of #naturalloveblog :

  • “I feel you. this blog just helped me in more ways than one” – @muvalotus (twitter)
  • ” I love you and I thank you for being so candid and open. I am in the process of letting go a few things and this was just o comforting to read. I love love. But love is an interesting experience that brings you places you though you would never go. Vulnerability is hard to walk in. But these are choices I made. And I grew so much out of it. Letting go is a process like alot of things, but it’s necessary.Yes it is. Amen ! Continue on your path.”- @naturalnalah (instagram) a fellow blogger @ naturalnalah
  • “Cute blog post everything always happens for a reason.” @mrs_christmaas (instagram)
  • “I love how you mentioned about growing from best friendships and family as well.. it’s nice to know that people recognize how out growing friendships is a thing too because people change in the aspect of relationships is a thing too because people change in that aspect of relationships as well and nobody rarely talk about that. But really good read. I support you “- @ce_xe (instagram)
  • ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️- @cinderlystyle
  • “Nice!”- @urbanbrothersunite (instagram)
  • ✨ ✨-@tajimagazine (instagram)